Designed for Security. Built for Security.

We don't look at security as a box to tick — it's an ongoing journey.

We continually strive to improve our software development and internal operational processes with the aim of increasing the security of our software and services. The secure way should be the easy way, and that's why security is built into the fabric of our products and infrastructure.


No matter your team's structure,
security is first. supports a range of role based access controls (RBAC), to give you and your team comfort in knowing that sensitive documents stay sensitive. We ensure that no one outside of your team can view or edit your documents unless you give them permission. Even employees can't even view your documents. supports fine grained control over who has access over which documents.

Team documents

If you are part of the team, you have access to the team's knowledge base Don't have to setup everyone into roles.

Individual Permissions

Have sensitive HR or financial documents that you don't want to share with everyone on your team? Give individual users read-only or read-write acess.

Group Permissions

Have groups (aka Roles) of people with similar requirements on which documents they can access? Not a problem - setup a group to easily manage read-ony or read-write access.

Share Documents

Want to give someone out side of your team read-only access to a document? Simply share the unique url link and revoke it at any time.

Built in security

We've got your data

We understand trusting us with your documents is a big ask. That is why we employ a security first approach in developing any feature our customers have come to love.

We take a best practise approach to designing and developing our product.

Encryption in transit

All of your data is encrypted in transit using industry standard SSL and TLS.

Encryption at rest

All of your data is encrypted at rest using industry standard AES encryption (AES-256)


Automatic encrupted database backups that are stored for up to 60 days

Data export

Export your data at any time in markdown format.


Built on best-in-class payment provider

We don't store your payment information. In fact, your credit card details never event hit our servers.


All payments are securely processed via Stripe.




We're committed to compliance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and have implemented a wide range of technical and organisational measures.

Any security questions?

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